When is the best time to move?


As much as this question may sound a little strange – moving can be one of the most stressful experiences we go through – there are times and tips that can be useful so that we can minimise the drama associated with the actual move and also do it in such a time and way that our family is disrupted the least.

Our company is focused on making sure that you and your family have the least possible stress and drama during this disruptive time and to this end we have put together a little tip sheet to assist you in making the right decisions so that your move is as hassle-free as possible.

Do you have children? If so, not only are they good little packers – especially if the whole experience is treated as an adventure – it’s a great idea to make sure that their life is disrupted in the least, especially if moving from one school district to another. Starting a new school is never going to be easy but starting half way through a school term is a stress that can upset your children and have them more worried than they may let on.

Making the move more of an ‘adventure’ can not only lessen the stress your children may normally feel but also get them into the spirit of the move.

Even without children, careful planning the time of your move can make the world of difference to disruptions in your lifestyle and work.

Firstly, it’s important to book ahead – moving cannot be done without a removalist and due to high demand, leaving the booking to the last minute can see you not only highly stressed but paying top dollar if you can find a van at all. Our recommendation is to book the van and men needed first and then start your packing. Just as it’s no good being all dressed up with nowhere to go, there is no point being all packed up with no way to get there.

Companies that take last minute bookings may be filling a space that was just cancelled but this is infrequent – moving house isn’t something many do on a whim, so chances are they are booking you in-between jobs and may be pushing their capabilities and staff a little too hard, meaning that by the time they get to you, they could be late, they could cancel or the men could be exhausted and therefore not take the appropriate amount of care that your belongings deserve.

It’s also important to pack in time and have items packed and ready to go into the van in the order you want them taken out. Think to yourself – what can you not do without for a week? Whatever these items are, pack them and leave them to go in last as whatever goes in last usually comes out first and can take a while to get to when it comes to the unpacking.

Also remember that the removalists are specialists – they do this for a living, they will know what items need to go where in the truck for both ease of getting on and off as well as necessity.

With a reputable company you are in expert hands – you may move once every few years whereas removalist companies do this daily and they have a much better understanding of what is safe to pack where on the truck you have ordered as well as the order in which these items need to be loaded and unloaded.